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Concept to Reality

A Bespoke Project is an exclusive access to all possibilities.
Regardless of Silhouette, Material and Ways of Execution
(Embroidery, Laser carving, Screen Print, Hot Stamp etc. )

Get Started

1.Submit a design in any form with brief description about the theme.
2.We send you a mockup with details, estimate price and handling time.

Email :


Please note 
1.Clients are welcome to submit their own shoe & material for reconstruction, if not we will source one for you.

2.Bespoke services start at $1000, price will vary based on the Design Complexity and Choice of Material
3.The process will take 3 weeks up to 3 months to execute depends on the design before ready to ship.

4.Each project is made to order, you are paying for a reconstruction service, Not the sneaker itself.
5.All appointments are confirmed after deposits are received, deposites are final and non-refundable
6.We are grateful for every request. However due to our workload not every projects will be taken on.